Management owned Franchisee Business Opportunity!​

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Start up reserve for MIK Taiwan restaurants NTD 1,000,000 

What Includes!?
1. Assisting in management planning, staffing of professional 5 star Indian chefs, kitchen helpers etc.
2. Setup and layout plan for the whole restaurant, kitchen etc.
3. Preferred Location/Suggestion of business setup location within Taiwan.
4. Training of Staff, Owner/business partners as per the S.O.P. of MIK brand.
5. Mis-en-place or Enlisting of each detailed equipment, helps in imports of required man power or equipments.
6. Full support of availability of wholesale ingredients/products  

7. A decade long expertise of MIK team techniqal support to run the successful restaurant Chain.

Joining Qualification

Above 20 years existing or wana be entrepreneurs with good command on English and Chinese (Mandarin) having strong interest in joining/expanding brand retail business in Taiwan or abroad.

Those with aggressive spirit, endurance and perseverance.

The franchisee must participate and devote himself to business operations.

It is also suitable for couples, friends, colleagues and more than 2 people to start a business.

Have a strong sense of identity with the brand.

Prefer anyone who has kitchen background or cooking experience in family or business.

Joining Process 
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