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馬友友印度廚房-外燴服務及派對包場服務, Indian food Catering and Parties services Taipei, Taiwan by Mayur Indian Kitch

馬友友印度廚房為了服務廣大的消費者,我們也提供外燴服務 無論是公司聚會活動、各式茶會、派對等等,都能為您量身規劃專屬外燴到府服務。且不定期在台北舉辦印度相關美食或是節慶活動。 外燴的菜單可依客戶實際需求為您貼心規劃。

如有需要外燴服務,請連繫: 02-25431817 or 0921004175



We are well known for one of the best Indian food in Taipei and we would like to extend ourselves with Indian food caterings for Private dining , Corporate Lunch/Dinner meetings or Outdoor picnic any kind of small or big scale functions. Menu and prices could be well discussed and set as per your convenience.For details and reservations kindly call 02-25431817 or 0921004175. If you are tours and travel agent and looking for a special deal for your group mail us at,

indian food at catering in Taipei
Mayur doing settings





Mayur Indian Kitchen welcomes you for Graduation dinner,Happy birthday party,Alumni gathering, Year-end banquet,Christmas or Halloween parties, Reserve the whole restaurants for a private or public event, office or family dinner. Dine Indian, Enjoy at Mayur Indian kitchen different locations, each location has different setup, price range, menu, alcoholic or non alcoholic bar, halal menu etc. we can customize us as per your needs, anytime anywhere! always!

MIK-2 馬友友印度廚房-民生店, Mayur's Indian Kitchen Restaurant & Bar,


No.103, Section 3, Minsheng e.rd., Songshan district, Taipei City.

CALL:(02) 2715-5277

Google Map :

營業時間 : 11:30-15:00 /17:00-22:00

可容納人數 : 店內約55-65人 Capacity : 55-65 people

馬友友印度廚房民生店,MIK-2, Mayur Indian Kitchen Minsheng branch

MIK-4 馬友友印度廚房--通化店,印度料理,咖哩吃到飽 Mayur's Indian buffet restaurant,

地址:台北市通化街171巷34號 No.34, Lane 171, Tong hua street, Taipei City

CALL: (02) 2732-1687 Google Map : 營業時間 : (週一週二公休) 11:30~15:00/17:00~21:30 週末及假日11:30~21:30 可容納人數 : 店內約40-45人 Capacity : 40-45 people

馬友友印度廚房通化店,MIK-4, Mayur Indian Kitchen Tong Hua street buffet restaurant

MIK-5 馬友友印度廚房-大直店, Mayur Indian Kitchen, MIK- hi5 Dazhi,

地址:台北市北安路630巷8號 No.8, Ln. 630, Bei an Rd., Taipei city

CALL: (02) 2533-0698 Google Map :

營業時間 :(週一公休) 12:00 - 15:00/17:00 - 21:30 週末及假日12:00 - 22:00 可容納人數 : 店內約100人 Capacity : 100 people

馬友友印度廚房大直店,MIK-5, Mayur Indian Kitchen Dazhi branch

MIK-6 馬友友印度餐廳酒吧-松江店 Mayur Indian kitchen restaurant bar & MIK-6 live music house

地址:台北市松江路1-1號 No. 1-1, Songjiang rd., Taipei CALL: (02) 2500-6186 Google Map : 營業時間 :12:00 - 15:00/18:00 - 00:00 星期五~星期六 12:00 - 15:00/18:00 - 03:00 可容納人數 : 店內約 50-60人 Capacity : 50-60 people

馬友友印度廚房松江店,MIK-6, Mayur Indian Kitchen restaurant bar &  live music house
Live Performance

MIK-7 馬友友印度廚房-竹北店Mayur Indian Kitchen Restaurant & Bar,(Zhubei, Hsinchu)

地址:新竹縣竹北市光明一路412號 No. 412, Guangming First Road, Hsinchu County, Zhubei City CALL: (03) 5584-666

Google Map : 營業時間 :(週二公休) 11:30 - 14:30/17:00 - 23:00 星期五~星期日 11:30 - 23:00 可容納人數 : 店內約100人 Capacity : 100 people

馬友友印度廚房竹北店,MIK-7, Mayur Indian Kitchen Zhubei branch

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