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MIK team
MIK team

MIK Management-owned Franchisees Business Opportunity for




Sign up for once and get a reward for life!

Startup reserve for MIK Taiwan restaurants USD 35,000 

What to expect, What to discuss, and what it includes!?
1. Assisting in management planning, staffing of professional five star Indian chefs, kitchen helpers etc.
2. Setup and layout plan for the whole restaurant, kitchen, etc.
3. Preferred Location/Suggestion of business setup location within Taiwan & upcoming projected countries!
4. Training of Staff, Owner/business partners as per the S.O.P. of MIK brand.
5. Mis-en-place or Enlisting of each detailed equipment, helps in imports of required manpower or equipment.
6. Full support of availability of wholesale ingredients/products from MIK grocery stores.

7. A decade-long expertise of MIK team technical support to run the successful restaurant Chain.

Joining Qualification

At least 5 years existing or wannabe entrepreneurs with good command of English and Chinese (Mandarin) having a strong interest in joining/expanding brand retail business in Taiwan or abroad.

Those with an aggressive spirit, endurance, and perseverance.

The franchisee must participate and devote himself to business operations.

It is also suitable for couples, friends, colleagues, and more than one person to start a business.

Have a strong sense of identity with the brand.

Joining Process 
Contact us by filling up the given form below! and we will reply to you shortly.


In 2011, Mayur opened its first location in Keelung road, Taipei. This is the first time ever Mayur Indian Kitchen, MIK is offering franchisee after serving a decade long has after loyal guests and barbecue fanatics demanded more locations. As the fast growing chain racks up recognitions from India-Taiwan media, government and non-governement instuitions, Indian and non-Indian loyal guests within Taiwan and all around the globe, it still serves up the same quality recipes handed down for more than decade, coupled with the same brand of warm hospitality, only on a much larger scale.

"The best Indian thing".



At MIK, we pride ourselves on serving our guests a WOW experience, our locations offer an experience where guests feel like they are dining with family.
The kitchen is an open concept where guests can see and smell while fresh dishes are being prepared.

Mayur Indian Kitchen is a true Indian success story proven in Taiwan and growing to neighbour countries serving legit Indian taste!

Why Choose LANGAR ?

LANGAR, a substitute fast food outlet of Mayur Kitchen's offers a successful business model, low start-up costs, multiple revenue streams and an expertise into growing I
Indian food demand around the globe. Our 24/7 support team for franchise owners will assist you to this cost effective fast food chain model!

Langar also ensures every owner is guided properly to be prepared to open their own location and guiding own staff! WE assist you from how to run kitchen operations to how to create the best menu as per season in our three week training course at MIK or Langar! Welcome to our MIK 'University'

Franchise owners enjoy the following features at LANGAR

  • Imported groceries, Indian ingredients at cost price designed only for Langar!

  • Well experienced mandarin speaker service staff and kitchen (Indian chefs) staff within Taiwan or from India! 

  • Brand's dine-in bookings app, catering facilities, retail of groceries, online ordering, direct food delivery by 3rd party partnerships like uber, lalamove etc.

  • Established Brand: Over a decade years of experience in running restaurants, preparing new dishes, and serving the community.

  • Our Menu: High quality menu with variety of vegan, vegetarian, halal meats etc., in short a bit for everyone! 

  • Low franchise fees and initial investment.

  • Multiple investment types with traditional and non-traditional sites.

  • Innovative Information technology (IT) solutions as per growing involvement of IT into business.

  • Support from the home office in all aspects of the business including Project Managers, Site Selection, Marketing, IT and much more!.


Since 2011,  


Which brand of MIK you want to own!?

Thanks! We will reply soon

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