HOLI 2020

Taiwan's Best & Biggest Spring Color Festival


印度好麗色彩節 Indian Holi Taipei, Taiwan 2020
😍Play with Organic Colors   有機彩色水性顏料

🎶International DJ & Music     國際知名DJ及音樂表演

😋Unlimited Veg / Non-Veg Buffet Meals 餐點吃到飽供應素食及葷食

👪Kids & Children Friendly Event  親子友善活動

🌞Participate with Family & Have FUN under the SUN 和家人一起在戶外陽光下玩耍吧

1. Taipei Holi 2020  馬友友印度廚房 台北好麗節



  • Facebook Event page link 臉書活動頁面:

  • Cost費用: NTD 350 per person (includes veg/non-veg meal, drinks, water, fruit, color & water to play, DJ & Dance) 每人台幣350元包含素食/葷食餐點,飲料,飲水,水果,玩耍用彩色顏料及水,DJ及舞蹈



  • 貴賓及學生價:台幣200元優惠僅至2020年1月31日   

  • DOOR PRICE: NTD 400 per person

  • ​現場購票價格:每人台幣400元


  • 購票從速 

2. Beach HOLI Color Party 2020 海灘好麗色彩

  • Date 日期 : : 14 March 2020  三月十四日 週六

  • Color Party 彩色派對時間: 1200Hrs - 2200Hrs 中午12:00至晚間10:00

  • Bar Open all night non-stop service. Party till you feel it HIGH

  • Venue: Mayur International Kitchen, MIK - 9 Beach Bar & Restaurant, Beizhi, Sanzhi District
    場地:馬友友國際廚房 - 海灘餐酒館,三芝區北勢子12-8號

  • Cost: NTD 500 per person
    費用:每人台幣 500元

  • Facebook Event link臉書活動頁面:

Hsinchu Holi Festival 2020, details coming soon!

🙏The tickets for these events are available currently at all Mayur Indian Kitchen (MIK) branches across Taipei & Hsinchu.

👉Everyone is welcome to join us for this event as a co-host or volunteer.


👉Message us at or line us at mayur.indian us for more info.

    聯絡方式可透過 email: 或 傳送line訊息至 mayur.indian

What is Holi?
Holi, an ancient Indian springtime festival, is also known as The Festival of Colours or The Festival of Sharing Love. In modern times, Holi has become popular not only in Southeast Asia but also across the world. Once a year, communities gather to shower one another in color, enjoy a meal, and celebrate the spring and their love for one and all. In 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 till 2019, the Holi volunteers team and Mayur Indian Kitchen restaurants joined hands to organize the colorful celebration of Indian spring festival Holi in Taipei. The celebration was a huge success in terms of such a large scale Indian event being held here. Filled with food, color, and fun, it was attended by many who had a blast celebrating Indian culture in Taiwan. MIK looks forward to continuing to cooperate with others to celebrate the spirit of India in Taiwan in the future.



* On the grounds that colored powders are no longer permitted in Taiwan, this event will not utilize any colored powders whatsoever.

* Organic, non-flammable, non-toxic, water-based paints that wash off with water will be used & distributed evenly (in packets) to each HOLI member.

* Holi and similar festivals, such as Songkran, Thailand’s annual water festival, have been practiced for centuries in a safe and positive manner, and should not be considered hazardous in any way. Thanks! 

  • 彩粉在台灣不再允許使用,此活動將不使用任何的彩色粉末。
  • 活動中將使用有機、不易燃、無毒的水性塗料,用水即可清洗。
  • 印度好麗色彩節的節慶,就像是泰國的潑水節,至今已經實行百年並且是安全和正面的,不應該被視為危險。謝謝! 好麗色彩節快樂!主辦單位:馬友友印度廚房

Regular ticket includes 入場票券包含: 

Play with organic Holi colors 玩彩色顏料

Indian snacks & full lunch buffet  印度點心及自助式中餐

Live Western band, International DJ, Live music, Bollywood dance & fun activities.

For more information, please call the following no's or follow the event page.


0921004175 (English  英文)

0955531063 (Chinese 中文)

What would happen to the HOLI festival if it rains?
We hope the weather will be good like always before, but even if it rains or a heavy shower, we will celebrate HOLI for sure, just make sure to keep an extra pair of clean clothes.
當然希望當天天氣一如既往是晴朗的,如果下雨了,依然還是會照常舉行! 色彩節於印度是屬戶外活動,風雨無阻,也提醒您多準備一份乾淨衣物及雨具。
What kind of clothes should we wear for Holi?
Please wear those 'unwanted inexpensive' white clothes which you really don't need. Even though it is 'easily washable' we would like to suggest you not to wear expensive clothes or bring expensive things (just for Mobile safety you can wrap your mobile with a clean wrap or thin plastic film.) For all your belongings only you will be responsible. Organizers will not be responsible for any thefts and damages
Where do I get information/ first aid / my questions answered?

Information can be found at the information booth at the location of the festival.


What kind of Live performances will be there at the Spring festival Holi!?

Live bands including drummer, singer, keyboard etc.
Bollywood dance performances, Yoga artistes will be there to perform.



Where can I put my stuff? 在哪裡可以放個人物品?
You should keep your stuff with you to avoid theft. If you’re worried about getting it dirty, why even bring it to a color party? 個人物品應隨身攜帶保管避免遭竊。如果你怕東西會弄髒,請不要將東西帶到色彩節。

Where can I put my trash? 可以在哪裡丟垃圾?
In the available trash cans. 集中至垃圾桶內。


How can I wash the color from my skin? 如何洗掉在皮膚上的顏色?

The water paints we are using for the Holi festival are skin-friendly and easy to wash just by normal water and soap. You can use some moisturizing cream, applying to your body before playing with water paints. It's recommended that do not put water paints in your eyes, nose and mouth. Kids also can play with water paints but we suggest parental care along with them.




Is the Holi festival suitable for kids? 好麗色彩節適合小孩嗎?

We suggest you to not to bring babies and infants. kids under 5 years of age have free entrance.



  • Please take care of your kids and their belongings during the event. 

  • 在活動中請照顧好小孩及個人物品

  • Please do not litter around. Throw garbages only into garbages cans.

  • 請不要亂丟垃圾. 垃圾請丟垃圾桶

  • Please respect other people's wishes and do not force anybody for anything.

  • 請尊重別人不要強迫別人做任何事

  • Please be careful while playing in Holi, do not hurt yourself or anybody else. 

  • 活動中請小心 不要致使自己和他人受傷

  • We will strictly follow run down, so please do not come late.

  • 我們會嚴格遵守流程 所以請勿遲到

  • Everyone must follow the rules and regulations of the park and venue.
    Any violations of the rule could get you in troubles.

  • 每個人都必須遵守公園及場地規則,任何違規都可能造成您的麻煩

  • The water paints we are using for Holi are skin-friendly and do not harm anybody.  Make sure you don't eat the paints and avoid eye contact with paints.
    我們在好麗色彩節用的顏料不傷皮膚也不會傷人體。 請確保不要吃進顏料,也避免眼睛接觸

台北馬友友印度廚房  - 馬友友印度廚房是一間在台北商業心臟區的連鎖印度餐廳,在這裡每天有許多本地人、印度人或外國遊客會來我們餐廳享用南北印料理,我們相信新鮮、創新和健康的道地印度美食會讓您感覺到家的溫暖。


©2020 by Mayur Indian Kitchen Taipei Taiwan MIK is a chain of Indian restaurants in heart of business hub of Taipei, Taiwan with hundreds of Local, Indians and foreign visitors everyday for North & South Indian dining at us. We believe in serving fresh, Innovative and healthy Indian food with authentic taste to make you feels like at home.

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