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The visit of Mayur's Indian Kitchen - No.3

South & North Indian Cuisine at Mayur's no.3 on Xinsheng n.rd., Taipei

Here is Mayur's restaurant. The boss Mayur is not the cellist Mayur we know.

He is an Indian master chef from India. Let's taste the delicious Indian cuisines !

Mayur is doing a great job, not only running the restaurant but also expanding to other locations.

Today we came to the restaurant on Xin Sheng Bei Rd. , No.3. This location is really hard to find.

If you come from the direction of 忠孝新生 MRT, walk along on Xin Sheng north rd.

When you pass 光華 shopping mall and 市民大道, you will see the location on the small lane under civic boulevard bridge.

But even you turn from the lane, the special decorations are calling attention on people that you cannot miss the place.

The restaurant is not that big. And there are less tables though.

It was decorated with Indian style with a wonderful background music. That's really exotic!

I don"t know how to use those vessels.

The only powerful thing about the Indian cuisine is it"s smell. And the wall side is decorated with spice cans side by side.Today we came here so early that's why seats were all empty.

Every table has their tableware on it, waits for us to dine.

We had viewed enough, it is time to order !

The cuisines names in the menu are what i never heard before. What i know about Indian cuisine is curry and naan. well, I am not sure where to start order!

The better let's read the beginning text about Indian cuisines on the menu.Naan is not only a naan. There is a list of different flavors.The above is small part of the menu. For the details, you can go to the official website.In short, Let's try the curry and naan we ordered.

Chicken Tikka Masala - 295NT$

The curry came to the table very quickly, and the table was covered with the curry smell.

This reddish thick Indian curry is not like yellowish Taiwanese curry.

It is a little spicy and there are several piece of chicken legs wrapped in curry sauce. Really delicious!

Plain naan - 50NT$

This Indian bread is very chewy that one bite makes my jaw feel tired.

Curry and naan is the standard way to eat.

I feel that eating single naan is too dry , needs something to dip with.

Me, i don't like eating dry foods, that's why keep chewing this bread is really boring ~~~~

Murg Makhani - 295NT$

the white thing on the Makhani is cream. There is almost no spicy taste, that's why i feel i need to order something spicy to eat with it.

Garlic naan - 65NT$

It is really delicious to eat this thick garlic bread without anything.

The taste is similar with garlic bread.

when you dip in the curry, unfortunately you only get garlic taste from the curry. The real flavor of the curry disappears.

Malai Tikka - 270NT$

This roasted chicken legs looks really delicious !

But i did not eat the yogurt sauce so i have no idea about its taste.

The day of being Indian ~~~~

There is a huge statue in front of the check-out area. That's really amazing. I don't know if it is the Indian GOD or what ?

The counter area has the spices, Cumin and the Cardamon.

It seems you eat that to remove the taste in your mouth. The same as the "mint" which general restaurants has.Next time i can ask about them.

Mayur Indian cuisines are delicious, but i feel the prices are a little high.

Curry or any BBQ meats are all around 300NT$.

If i ordered beverage and desert, the price will be incredible ~~

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