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Mayur Indian Kitchen ~ It's an unforgettable Indian experience

For Mandarin 中文 English version of the blog - Mayur Indian Kitchen, Spring 2013

Indian cuisine which has a rich level of flavor, let the taste stays on your tongue

To evoke the memories of those years with old friends, we are at Mayur Indian Kitchen

when i heard of the name " MAYUR INDIAN KITCHEN" , Carrie wondered when did restaurant had been opened ~ha ha, the name 馬友友非彼馬友友 is the name of the owner Mayur Srivastava.

3 years ago, when he was a chef at 六福皇宮 , his wife helped him out to choose this cool Chinese name 馬友友, because i always wish in Taiwan you can eat your favorite country food, that's why Native Indian Mayur is very diligent, does efforts to operate an Indian restaurant.

And no need to mention the beautiful handmade crafts and he is very enthusiastic. Many years in the world Trade International Exhibition, he gave free Indian milk tea.

Mayur opened 3 restaurants (Update : 5 until 2016) The one on the Xin Sheng Bei Road is the newest restaurant. The restaurant we are in is also new. The other 2 restaurants' meals are not the same. And they emphasize the curry.

The restaurant on Xin Sheng has bigger attempts and patterns. He said : 「 India has 28 states, and every states has their own cuisine.

App. there are 30 or 40 different kinds of cuisines. Because what Taiwanese people know about Indian cuisine is just curry and bread. So i would like to do something different on local Indian cuisines here.」

The decoration of restaurant is very elegant, and every corner has a rich Indian taste.

The floor has a mysterious totem footsteps to lead the guests. The restaurant has 2 floors, the middle has a rotating ladder which goes upstairs.The menu has classic taste of Indian cuisines and 2 full pages veg dishes. Really considerable and a great feature. Who eats veg should come here !The seats on the second floor is great, the wall has full of special Indian photography. And also a large TV which you can watch Indian dance and listen Indian music.Come here quickly to taste these great dishes !

Plain naan is 55NT$ Indian pancake is Carrie's one of the favorite dishes.Naan can be cut in small pieces and eaten with any kind of curry together.Every single piece of it let people unable to stop.In the first floor, there is a naan corner and also a cook who is responsible to make special naan or ingredients can be put in the naan and eat by rolling it down.When you had a bite from the bread, the crunchy pancake skin also comes with it.The scorched part has a crispy taste, and also exudes a charming aroma .

Garlic naan is 55NT$ The thick garlic makes the taste of naan profound.

Dal Soup is 95NT$ It has a rich fragrance, drink a little is enough to feel energetic.

Malai Tikka is 270NT$Yoghurt softens the chicken fiber is good with sweet worths to mention the 沾醬, the apperance looks like Italian 青醬Featured chicken thigh with 7 to 8 different spices and the home made yoghurt is pickled 6 hrs.but when you start eating, you get indian curry taste, and adding a little spice is super tasty, veg salad and onion on the side is also delicious.

Tofu Tikka is 175NT$ The basil flavor and Tofu is good together.

Indo-Chinese style veg Manchurian is 195NT$ Eating vegetable balls are very refreshing. Seasoned spicy is also great on it.

Chili Paneer is 195NT$ The cheese is super chewy

Chili naan is 75NT$ This kind of naan is crispy as a biscuit and has a special spicy flavor.

Cheese naan is 95NT$ Roll it down by adding salad inside has a great taste.

Lucknowi Chaape is 380NT$ The main taste comes from the indian chili powder, mustard oil, ginger, clove and the other spices The lamb has no smell, and has a small bone that you can hold the bone to eat. That's very easy and convenient. Carrie really recommends!

South Indian lemon king Prawn is 380NT$ The prawn is super big, has a simple and pure cooking technique. It presents the fresh taste of king shrimp.

Roasted Chicken Curry is 380NT$ Super delicious chicken curry is more delicious if you eat with naan.

Palak Lamb is 350NT$ Green curry is also a must-order dish of Indian restaurant.Adding cheese makes the curry has a strong taste.

Golden Shrimp is 390NT$ The shrimp has a fresh meat.Let people want to eat more.

Masala Tea is 80NT$ The waiter comes near the table and give a show by filling from distance the empty glass. This is a must-order beverage in this restaurant.

Rasgulla is 80NT$ This dessert is quite sweet. The milk balls are coated with syrup. After eating one bite, the sweet taste directly reaches your forehead.

like eating Sashimi mustard, there is almost the same purpose to ensure the people to eat sweet, it is really worth to try ^^

Kheer is 120NT$ Pudding has a thick milk taste,and the rice in it is very chewy but also very sweet.

After eating the dinner, Mayur was inviting people to taste the spices in front of the counter.The flavor of these two were totally different.Inside of the box, there was thin cumin at the front side, cardamon at the back side.

Mayur experienced in all the Indian hotels and restaurant by the age of 20, and he is able to do North-South Indian cuisines. North India has lots of meat cuisine with lots of spices and yogurt. South India has lots of sea food cuisine with less spice but the taste is still heavy.

His meals have various colors. 沾醬, cheese, yoghurt are all what he,himself did.

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