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『食記』『台北市』 馬友友印度廚房 基隆路店

Sep. 10 is the third day of "Opening Equipment Exhibition" in Taipei World Trade Center

After the evening,our friends had dinner at "Mayur Indian Kitchen" on Keelung Road.

This is my first time to taste Indian foods!

I am looking forward to it badly!

Dining space is just right,there have indoor and outdoor dinig area. {備註:看中文請點此}

A lot of spices jars are displayed in front of the kitchen.

The main meal has a variety of curries and scones,and also had some Indian-style char-grilled dishes and side dishes.

The menu content can be found in my album:

The first dish I forgot what the name is, it looked like a conical crispy pizza XD,and I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala and Cheese Naan after.

Masala is a noun that mixes spices.

Often appearing in dishes from India, Pakistan, and the Middle East

The basic spices include cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, fennel, black pepper, cumin and other spicy ingredients.

Cooking vegetables and meat are suitable.

After the chicken legs are boned, they are roasted in the oven.

After the oil is forced out, it is mixed with the rich synthetic spice Masala.

Masala's cumin and fennel aroma

There is also the spicy and cinnamon special flavor of ginger.

The chicken legs are very tender and the Masala stew is very tasty.

Naans are displayed on the flour after throwing.

Good ductility and thin skin and toughness.

The crust is baked and the outer edge is crispy and it’s chewy.

The cheese stuffing with the blasting inside is so hot,but it’s very rich and stringy.

Naans are delicious with curry and chicken!

You can also eat directly with curry sauce.

Let's see what other friends' ordered!

A friend ordered Goan Chicken Vindaloo and spices rice and a cup of Masala tea.

Goan Vindaloo displayed the spicy flavor of South Indian extremely

Spice layer stacking with the fusion focuses on salty and spicy.

The spices rice is quite chewy with aroma of turmeric and cream.

Masala tea is sweet and delicious.

Here is Palak Lamb.

Crush up the fresh spinach and stewed on low heat with garlic, chili flakes, ... and other spices,and add the boneless leg of lamb to cook after.

Spinach is very rich.In comparison, it is not so spicy.

The leg of lamb is stewed very soft and delicious.

Here is Hhabey Ki Dal.

Both ordered the Butter Naan.

The Naan with butter is more fragrant!

Here’s a butter naan with Palak Lamb.

I thought Karahi Beef is more spicy,but my friend don’t think so.XD

My friend oldered the Onion Naan.

I had a special experience when I tasted Indian food at my first time.

Indian curry uses variety of spices

The sauce is rich and full of spices and aromas.

Each curry is special,and the meat is stewed very tender.

Naans are good to eat.

We are very satisfied with the meal of "Mayur Indian Kitchen".

Recommended people who wants to taste Indian food can try this store.

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