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為什麼應該吃清真食品或它的優點是什麼?Why anyone should eat Halal meat or what are the advantages of it?


伊斯蘭飲食法中詳細規範了允許穆斯林吃的動物,所有這些動物都是清真的(Halal 阿拉伯語含義合法),其他不合法的動物都被稱為Haram。現在關於伊斯蘭和非伊斯蘭世界之間的清真和聖地之間存在長期爭論,許多人已經提供了相關論點,但我們強調與Haram肉相比吃清真食品更有利的事實。







治療我們的身體的有益健康的食物,沒有有害成分 - 殺蟲劑,毒素,污染物,污物等 - 不僅是穆斯林所希望的價值,而且是全人類所希望的。 這是一種共同的需求,共同的願望和共同的權利,這意味著每個人都可以從消費清真食品中受益

Why Muslims eat Halal meat only!? What is Halal? Why anyone should eat Halal meat or what are the advantages of it?

Islamic Dietary laws gives a detailed account of the animals that are permitted for Muslims to eat, all such animals are halal, the Arabic word meaning lawful, anything unlawful is known as Haram. I.e. Halal. Now there is a long debate about Halal and Haram between Islamic and Non-Islamic world and many has given facts about it but we are highlighting the proven facts which favours to eat Halal meat as compare to Haram meat.

In order for a consumable product to be Halal, the Quran and Sunnah give guidance to all Muslims and Islamic religion followers that how to slaughter animals and in what condition!? The process of slaughtering animals is called 'Zabiha',however, does not in any way substantially define or encompass what is truly Halal. It is only one specific element that relates to how or if an animal is slaughtered. Similarly ‘Zabiha’ makes no reference to the consumption of blood, or meat that is contaminated with impurities, or dead carcasses; all of which are prohibited in the the holy book of Islamic religion.

Within the Muslim community, halal is used to describe what is permissible both in food and in actions. Muslims typically associate halal with food, as do many non-Muslims. For purposes of this article, we explore why halal food, specifically meat and poultry, is good for everyone.

How does halal food fit into this parameter?

Halal encompasses more than just meat, or even the type of meat eaten, although it is the most discussed type of product consumed.For an animal to go from farm to table as halal food, it must have lived a pure life from the very beginning, finishing a cycle of life that is permissible in accordance with Islamic standards. It must have eaten well, been treated well, and been sacrificed well.

The kind of treatment and feed an animal receives during its life is important. It should be not be abused, mistreated or caused any pain. It should not be confined to an area where it cannot move or walk normally or get fresh air. It should be fed clean water and food that is appropriate and absolutely never fed another animal or products that contain the by-products of other animals.

After words, the blood should be completely drained from the animal. It is the blood that carries toxins, germs and bacteria and when left inside the body of the animal, could potentially make people sick. At the very least, it could make the cooked meat quite tough. An amazing result of cooking and consuming halal meat is a healthy meat in which the resulting texture is tender and the meat delicious. Some people say they can “taste the difference”.

Treating our bodies with wholesome foods free of harmful ingredients — pesticides, toxins, pollutants, filth, etc. — is not just a value desired by Muslims, it’s desired by all of humanity. It’s a common need, a common desire and a common right, and that means everyone can benefit from consuming halal foods and avoiding what is not.

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