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Indians in Taipei, Taiwan | 感謝您對印度春節好麗節的關注和參與 Thanks for attending an Indian Spring festival Holi!

Mayur of Mayur Indian Kitchen at Taipei Holi 2019

(Chef & Owner, Mayur of Mayur Indian Kitchen Taipei, Taiwan, PC : Tempo Tempo)

A brief description of the Holi event (for next Holi details or more pictures, videos click here) Revellers spend a full day outdoors, celebrating the beauty of watercolours with community-wide merriment, musical performances, and Indian food and drinks. Holi, an ancient Indian springtime festival dates back many centuries symbolizes the victory of good overcoming evil, it is also known as the festival of colours or The festival of sharing the love in modern times. Holi has become popular not only in Southeast Asia but also across the world.

Indian Holi in Taipei by Mayur Indian Kitchen 2019 poster

The Indian Spring Festival Holi in Modern Times The spirit of Holi is one of playfulness and inclusivity, so people of other faiths are often welcomed to join in on the fun. But there’s a fine line between appreciating the culture and appropriating culture. In recent years, the Indian diaspora has found that the Holi celebrations are increasingly drawing interest from non-Indians too. Once a year, all communities, race of people gather together to shower one another in colour, enjoy a meal, and celebrate the spring and their love for one and all.

The VIP's & invitees holding souvenir gifts at Holi Taipei 2019

(above pic. the invitees holding 'we are one world' souvenir gift & cheering up everyone for HOLI.)

Taiwan's Indian club Holi in Taipei 2019 This year again, just as like any other one since 2012, Mayur Indian Kitchen and many other teams of media partners, volunteers, well-wishers, friends of India-Taiwan gathered altogether to organize the successful spring festival 'Holi in Taipei 2019' at Huashan1914 creative & cultural park right in the heart of the city. This year following sponsors/media partners, volunteers, performers helped in many ways to make it a successful event like never before. The organizers are thankful to all sponsors : Amma Kitchen Taipei, Flavour of India, The Thali Indian restaurant, Sherwood Taipei Hotel Patanjali Ayurved store Taiwan, Moksha Indian restaurant, Spiceshop Indian restaurant, Indian museum Taiwan, Priyalee Translator & Interpreter, Taiwan's Indian club Media Partners : Taiwan Observer, Taiwan News, Taiwan Panaroma magazine, UDN & local bloggers, photographers, youtubers, Instagrammers, etc. Performers, Dancers & Live band 1. The Intern band in Taipei sponsored by Mojo Music (James Liu on saxophone, Klaus with guitar, Mark Howe on drums, Kenneth doing bass & Dashu the singer! 2. Vande Mataram instrumental by Tanishi Krishna. 3. Bollywood Dance performance by Laxmi Indian dance group. 4. Bollywood's special dance by Sayani Palit. 5. Durga Indian dance group's (Kamariya + Chogda) Gujarati folk style Garba/Dandiya. 6. Lily Dance group dance performance on Chamak challo song. 7. Merry, Sara and Jamie Bollywood dance performance on Thoda Thoda Pyaar song. 8. Linda Liu and friend rocked the stage on Bollywood Song Dilbar Dilbar. 9. Indian DJ Abhishek. Volunteers : Ateesha Negi, Bhawna Rangwani, Manikanta Prasad, Najim Akhtar, Ram Ambre, Riya Chien, Srinivas Gowdru, Teja Jetivar & Zora Mamidikaya, MIK Chefs and other friends etc.

Holi brings us together as 'One World' Mayur Indian kitchen has been organizing Holi since 2012 on a non-profit basis to bring the community together with an idea of "we are one world" as the splashing of colours blurs cultural and ethnic differences.The "Indian Holi Taipei" festival held on Saturday (March 16, 2019) in Taipei saw over 650 attendees from many countries, from various races and religions, celebrated Holi altogether, and enjoyed the day with delicious Indian cuisine, music, and dance performances.

The Crowd at Holi Taipei 2019

Myth's & History of Holi It is not a colour party or colour run, many People who don't know the history of the spring festival often compares it with the colour run or colour parties! Holi is a religious festival that celebrates the beginning of spring and the triumph of good over evil, it comes the day after last full moon of Phalguna, the last month of the Hindu calendar (between late February and early March). It has religious significance. After all, this festival was originally celebrated within a Hindu context. According to the Indian scriptures, there once was a powerful demon king by the name of Hiranyakshyap.

(In above pic. Prahlad’s devotion to God Vishnu, Holika dahan & end of demon king Hiranyakshyap) This demon king was virtually indestructible, due to a boon granted to him by Brahma (the God of Life). Hiranyakshyap grew arrogant, considered himself a god, and demanded everyone to worship him. His son, Prahlad, however, was a devotee of Vishnu and refused to worship his father. As a result, Hiranyakshyap asked his sister, the demoness Holika (it is from her name that we get the word ‘Holi’), for her help to get rid of Prahlad. As Holika had received a boon that made her immune to fire, she went into a pyre with Prahlad on her lap, hoping that her nephew would be burnt alive. Prahlad’s devotion to Vishnu, however, saved him, and the demoness was burnt to death instead also known as 'Holika Dahan' in the Hindi language. This is a practice that takes place on the eve of Holi and is also known as the ‘Chhoti Holi’ (‘Small Holi.’) During the ‘Holika Dahan,’ bonfires are lit to commemorate the deliverance of Prahlad from his evil father and aunt. In many parts of India, an effigy of Holika is also burned on the fire. Thus, the ‘Holika Dahan’ is a reminder that good always triumphs over evil.

(above pic.) The backbone of the event & TIC members Mr. Mayur Patel(in center), Mr. Ajay (left), Mr. Sanjay Chauhan(right)

The 'Painted' crowd eagerly waiting for more music & fun at #Taipeiholi2019.

The Interns Live Band sponsored by Mojo Music at Holi in Taipei 2019

(above pic.) The Interns Live Band sponsored by Mojo Music at Holi in Taipei 2019.

Laxmi Indian dance group at Holi in Taipei 2019

(above pic.) Laxmi Indian dance group at Holi in Taipei 2019.

Taiwan Observers and Mayur at Holi Taipei 2019

(above pic.) PC: Taiwan Observers, Jospeh Gorka & Mu Linsen along with Mayur at Holi Taipei 2019.

Mela Tsai group performance

(above pic.) Laxmi Indian dance group at Holi in Taipei 2019.

(above pic.) Ladies taking pictures and writing messages at Holi Taipei 2019

(above pic.) Lily Dance Group at Holi Taipei 2019

The Chefs preparing meal at Holi Taipei 2019

(above pic.) The Chefs preparing meal for all at Holi Taipei 2019.


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