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Where to watch Cricket world cup 2019 all matches in Taipei, Taiwan!? free entry!

Live Cricket world cup matches 2019 in Taipei

每天都會 Everyday LIVE SPORTS in TAIPEI TAIWAN!! Watch Cricket World cup 2019 live streaming Star Sports at MIK-6 live house Taipei only! May 30th to July 14th, daily from 5:30pm ICC Cricket World Cup England & Wales 2019 will be coming to Taipei at MIK-6 shisha bar! Teams of Cricket world cup 2019 : Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies The schedule and fixtures of matches are below:

Schedule/Fixtures of Cricket World cup 2019 watch Live in Taipei

同時在馬友友印度餐廳酒吧我們有道地的印度料理,你可以選擇在 這邊用餐邊欣賞足球轉播,或是想喝飲料的話我們有各式調酒啤酒 跟不含酒精的特調Mocktail,而且我們還提供水煙及各個不同國家 的音樂舞蹈表演。各式免費的現場表演,沒有任何入場門票及額外 表演費用。 At the same time, we have authentic Indian cuisine, BBQ, Salads, Soups, Tandoori, Curries etc. out of which you can choose. If you want to enjoy the live broadcast of all Cricket Matches of world cup of your favorite country. Not only lunch or dinner, if you just want to drink, we have a variety of drinks/cocktails/mocktails/wine/beer etc. We also offer imported Persian and Indian hookahs/Shisha and music, live bands from different countries. Free live performances every night, no admission tickets or extra charge for it.

馬友友印度餐廳酒吧(MIK-6),其位置鄰近光華商場座落在松江路 跟渭水路交叉口上,從捷運忠孝新生站走路約六分鐘。 Mayur Indian kitchen Restaurant Bar and MIK-6 live house shisha bar is located is opposite to Guanghua shopping market for electronics located on Songjiang Road at the intersection with the Weishui Road, walk for about six minutes from the MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station exit 1 or 4!

Reservation : Call 02-25006186, 0921004175 or click here to book online!

Address 地址:台北市松江路1-1號 Songjiang rd.,Taipei

Google Map Timing 營業時間 :12:00 - 15:00/18:00 - 03:00 Seats 可容納人數 : 店內約 50-60人 Average Cheque 價位 : 實惠價位NT 250-600/人(提供現金和刷卡服務) Distance from MRT交通:忠孝新生捷運站號出口,6分鐘步行即可到

Enjoy the Live sports in Taipei, Taiwan while dining
Exciting moment Live Sports on huge screen in Taipei
People Watching Live Sports at MIK-6 in Taipei

ICC Cricket World cup 2019 matches table is below 5/30 5:30 pm England v South Africa (England win by 104 runs) 5/31 5:30 pm West Indies v Pakistan (W, Indies win by 7 wickets) 6/1 5:30 pm New Zealand v Sri Lanka (NZ win by 10 wickets) 6/1 8:30 pm Afghanistan v Australia (Aussies win by 7 wickets) 6/2 5:30 pm South Africa v Bangladesh (Bangladesh win by 21 runs) 6/3 5:30 pm England v Pakistan (Pakistan win by 14 runs) 6/4 5:30 pm Afghanistan v Sri Lanka (Srilankan win by 34 runs DLS method) 6/5 5:30 pm South Africa v India (India win by 6 wickets) 6/5 8:30 pm Bangladesh v New Zealand(New Zealand win by 2 wickets) 6/6 5:30 pm Australia v West Indies 6/6 5:30pm Australia v West Indies 6/7 5:30pm Pakistan v Sri Lanka 6/8 5:30pm England v Bangladesh 6/8 8:30pm Afghanistan v New Zealand 6/9 5:30pm India v Australia 6/10 5:30pm South Africa v West Indies 6/11 5:30pm Bangladesh v Sri Lanka 6/12 5:30pm Australia v Pakistan 6/13 5:30pm India v New Zealand 6/14 5:30pm England v West Indies 6/15 5:30pm Sri Lanka v Australia 6/15 8:30pm South Africa v Afghanistan 6/16 5:30pm India v Pakistan 6/17 5:30pm West Indies v Bangladesh 6/18 5:30pm England v Afghanistan 6/19 5:30pm New Zealand v South Africa 6/20 5:30pm Australia v Bangladesh 6/21 5:30pm England v Sri Lanka 6/22 5:30pm India v Afghanistan 6/22 8:30pm West Indies v New Zealand 6/23 5:30pm Pakistan v South Africa 6/24 5:30pm Bangladesh v Afghanistan 6/25 5:30pm England v Australia 6/26 5:30pm New Zealand v Pakistan 6/27 5:30pm West Indies v India 6/28 5:30pm Sri Lanka v South Africa 6/29 5:30pm Pakistan v Afghanistan 6/29 8:30pm New Zealand v Australia 6/30 5:30pm England v India 7/1 5:30pm Sri Lanka v West Indies 7/2 5:30pm Bangladesh v India 7/3 5:30pm England v New Zealand 7/4 5:30pm Afghanistan v West Indies 7/5 5:30pm Pakistan v Bangladesh 7/6 5:30pm Sri Lanka v India 7/6 8:30pm Australia v South Africa

7/9 5:30pm Semifinal 1 7/11 5:30pm Semifinal 2

7/14 5:30pm FINAL

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